Beyonce Releases New Bonus Track – God Made You Beautiful

On the 25th November 2014 Beyonce will be releasing her documentary ‘Life Is But A Dream’ DVD, which will feature this brand new bonus track ‘God Made You Beautiful’. In the song she talks about life after giving birth to her daughter Blue-Ivy Carter.

It’s more of a mellow song that the fiery Sasha Fierce that we know so there has been mixed views, but after a few listens I personally fell in love with it. I feel that it will appeal to anyone that is a new mother or has children that they think the world of. It hasn’t been confirmed whether it will yet feature on her forthcoming album but for me I hope it does. We’re hearing a different side to Beyonce, the mother is shining through. To truly love this track you have to be in a peaceful setting, exerting love and positivity. If you are in your car and on your way to the club then i’d give this one a miss for now.

Listen to ‘God Made You Beautiful’ below:

New Film Trailer: Surviving in the Hood (2013)

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 17.48.36Over the past few weeks i’ve been working with Starlight Music Academy, a community organisation that has been pioneering innovative programmes designed to develop young people with talent & potential in singing, dancing and acting. Starlight academy are known for helping young talent within the urban communities to excel and reach for their dreams of becoming a singer, dancer or actor. Some of their talent has gone on to succeed in the industry, performing of big stages around the world. These names include, but are not limited to:

- Se Se from Miss Dynamix – XFactor 2013 
- Ruth Brown – The Voice UK 2012
- Trilogy – Got to Dance UK 2012

2 weeks ago I was informed about their most recent project – writing and directing a short film called ‘Surviving in the Hood’, which aims to reach out to young adults who may sometimes doubt their ability to excel within the creative industries. The CEO of the organisation, Shanice Lindsay gave me to chance to attend the screening of the movie and even contribute to their blog by writing a details critique of the 75minute movie. I won’t give too much away but I was definitely impressed with the finished product. The talent of these young members shined through and I know their hardwork and passion will only lead to greater opportunities in life.

Take a look at the trailer for the upcoming short film called ‘Surviving in the Hood’, written and directed by Shanice Lindsay.


X Factor Lydia Lucy Replaced By Abi Alton


 Who’s Better? You Decide?

Over the weekend Britain got the chance to see what 6 acts were lucky enough to make it to the Judges houses in this years X Factor series. To combat the falling ratings of the show, a new bootcamp set up was brought in to try and win viewers over – but it seemed that getting the acts hopes up only to take it away again is not proving too popular with every viewer. One Twitter fan wrote

Not enjoying this new X Factor humiliation and messing with peoples emotions. It’s emotional enough without giving and taking opportunity!”.

Do you agree? Let us know below.

With this awful twist to bootcamp, I sadly saw one of my favourite acts, Lydia Lucy, a 19 year old girl from Romford, Essex, missing out on the chance to go to the judges houses after being replaced by another young girl Abi Alton.  Lydia came so close to taking the next step as she become the second act to be given a seat in Nicole Scherzinger final 6 girls. It wasn’t until Abi Alton performed that viewers realised the horrible twist that came with the new bootcamp arrangement.  All 6 chairs had been filled but after deciding that she wanted Abi in her team, Nicole had no choice but to replace one of the original 6 girls that she had already chosen to take a seat – that being the lovely Lydia Lucy. There’s no doubt that both acts have great voices but for me personally, I can see Lydia being more marketable and successful as a pop-star in the current climate, than Abi Alton.

Take a look at the two auditions from both Lydia Lucy and Abi Alton. Of course, if you have different views then let me know below.

So now that you’ve had a chance to listen to the two acts, simple vote below on whether you believe it was the right decision for Nicole Scherzinger to send Lydia Lucy home.


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